Inspiration: August 3

Inspiration: August 3 >> Life In Limbo

I loved seeing what Tara noticed about NYC. Her photos are always stunning.

I made these brownies again recently for a friends’ birthday and they were as delightful as I remembered.

Looking for something good to watch? For me the answer is generally “no” but there look to be some good recommendations here!

I signed up for email newsletters this week from BlogTO, our local resource for all things Toronto, and already I feel more connected to what’s going on in the city. Would highly recommend this move for whatever city you live in.

Revisionist History is amazing this season. We all need to be listening to it – not just interesting, but important.

I just started reading Overwhelmed and I can already tell it’s going to be a game-changer for me.

The week flew by, especially considering that I only got home Tuesday night. What a wonderful time I had in New York with people who make me so happy. I am also excited to be home, and am feeling refreshed and inspired to: be on my phone less, take care of myself more, and spend more time being peaceful. I anticipate that the book I mentioned above will help with that! I hope you have wonderful weekends without too much noise. xo.

Inspiration: July 29

Inspiration July 29 >> Life In Limbo

Reading this post makes me so inspired to tackle a big creative project.

Going on a trip soon? Here are some helpful/hilarious tips for airplane (or really any kind of) travel.

I mostly already do this, but when I double-checked, I was amazed at how many apps still had notifications turned on! Such a good idea for better productivity.

I believe this in my bones: you can be woke without waking up to the news.

Very excited to try out a spending diet + earning spree combo when I get home!

We made frosé yesterday and it was epic. That is all.

“If there’s some task that just thinking about it fills you with dread, then it’s probably worth considering whether you can afford to buy your way out of it.” 

I’m happily still here in New York and can say without a doubt that a) I needed a vacation, and b) I am so inspired and relaxed thanks to taking one. It’s refreshing to get away from my day-to-day lifestyle so that I can take a step back and start to see ways that I can be even happier once I’m back home in Toronto. I feel so grateful to be able to take this break – less technology, fewer notifications, more exploring. I hope you’re having an amazing weekend too! xo.

Inspiration: July 22

Inspiration: July 22 >> Life In Limbo

I am (obviously) obsessed with the idea of keeping a book journal and might start doing so right away! It seems like the kind of thing I’ll be sad I didn’t start sooner but the second-best time to start is now.

When it comes to bad breakups or people you can’t seem to let go of, “the work is to be grateful.” I loved this essay.

Interrupting has become an epidemic! I know I’m guilty of it on occasion but I try to be mindful because of how terrible it feels to be interrupted. Here are some tips if you’re talking to a chronic interrupter.

My problems are my responsibility to solve – such an empowering approach. I try to think this way as much as possible, because in the end only I can make myself happy.

The Red Tent Sisters just launched a new video for one of their amazing programs, which I got to help create. I’m really proud of it and, as always, grateful to be a part of their team.

Right now I’m reading The House at the Edge of Night, which I’m loving. What are you reading this summer?

I am currently in New York! It feels amazing to be reunited with my fraaands and have some actual time off. I was sick when I arrived (boo) so I’ve been taking it easy, but I’m off to spend the day walking through my favourite spots in Manhattan, browsing bookstores and sitting in parks. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

Inspiration: July 14

Inspiration: July 14 >> Life In Limbo

Love love love these ideas for business & creativity habits to adopt.

I wish we all had this kind of filter for casual sexism. Yes Andy!

Lazy weekends probably aren’t making you happy. Here are some ideas to improve your weekends! Love this.

This story made my heart happy.

Oprah is always and forever my favourite. Here are her thoughts on why there are no mistakes.

This comedy routine is probably not suitable for work, but I cried of laughter, especially since I’ve been dating more lately. #TooReal

I’m going to New York on Tuesday! I’m so excited, and this post came right on schedule.

This week flew by in a blink, as most weeks seem to lately. Lots of work, lots of reading (yay!), lots of preparing to take time off next week. I am really looking forward to having a little break from working (even though that’s a bit scary, as a freelancer!) and seeing one of my besties. And of course I am excited to be summering in one of my favourite places on earth. There is nothing like summer in the city. Stay tuned on Instagram, if you’re curious! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo.