Inspiration: January 20

Inspiration January 20 >> Life In Limbo

This post really cut through the noise for me this week. In a lot of ways it’s the opposite of the message we’re fed by so many bloggers and Instagrammers, but it feels like what I needed to hear. I am a firm believer in only sharing content when it feels authentic, helpful or brings joy. Plain and simple.”

I didn’t really agree with that viral video about millennials everyone was sharing recently, and this post elucidates a lot of my thinking as to why.

Guys I’m not kidding, I’ve been wishing this was a thing FOR LIKE EVER: a Google Chrome extension that shows you whether a book you’re looking at on Goodreads or Amazon has copies available at your local library. This is technology at its finest! This is the best!

A flow chart for us all: write the books you want to read. Also create the podcasts, songs, whatevers that you want to hear or experience.

A web-based app that makes your writing clearer and more professional.

Oooohhhh this is a good one: my inconvenience may be someone else’s miracle. Very “This is Water”.

I like this handy little tool for checking what WordPress theme someone is using.

The Google Calendar goals video makes me very happy.

Another week that flew by, full of inspiration. I feel more settled in Toronto with each passing week, am making new friends, and am feeling energized by the conversations I’m having and the projects I’m exploring. I’m excited that it feels like new opportunities are popping up all over the place: anything is possible! I hope you had an inspiring week too.


Inspiration: January 13

Inspiration January 12 >> Life In Limbo

The biggest hit of inspiration this week was hands down my first Tuesdays Together meetup with Rising Tide Society here in Toronto. I was meant to go with a friend who had to cancel at the last minute and I almost didn’t go because I was really scared. But I went alone anyways and it ended up being a bit of a breakthrough for me personally. I had been feeling stuck, wanting more connection and energy and inspiring people around me but was trying to think my way to all those things. Instead by going I got not only a night full of inspiration, but also two days later a strategy session and an invitation for a coffee date with an amazing entrepreneur. Long story short, if you have a local chapter: go. It’s so cool.

Pro tip: if you want to send Facebook messages but don’t want to be sucked into the abyss that is scrolling through Facebook, go to It’s actually that simple!

On a recommendation from one of the aforementioned entrepreneurs, I started using Trello this week and can feel myself falling for it, so to speak. Its capabilities are seemingly endless and so I was warned not to get overwhelmed at first, but I’ve been starting small by just keeping to-do lists and idea lists inside for now. We’ll see how it goes but so far, very good.

What to carry for self-care in your purse: heart-eyes emoji to this whole post.

I particularly liked the Happier podcast this week for its discussions of personality quizzes and book clubs (these are a few of my favourite things!).

I started knitting this blanket this week – isn’t it pretty!? I’m doing it in a dusty rose and cream.

Jess Lively is getting into the topics of energy, flow, and vibration on the show lately and I’m really enjoying it. Yet another perspective to fold into the mishmash of stuff I find inspiring on a daily basis.

I’m feeling really energized and inspired just from spending time around like-minded people who are doing it: running amazing, creative, not-so-small businesses while still being healthy and authentic and mindful. It makes me want to take my game up a hundred levels in all the areas of my life. I have a lot to digest this weekend! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.


Inspiration: January 6

Inspiration January 6 >> Life In Limbo

This article (and especially the visuals) are pretty jarring – it’s all about how much time we really have left to do the things we love and spend time with the people we care about. Scary but strangely helpful.

Books that make you less of a horrible person! The two books on this list that I’ve read were incredible, so I’ll definitely be reading his other suggestions.

I love the idea of asking yourself “Is this a good time?”, especially in this context of checking your phone (or email).

How great is the idea of writing a list of 100 things that made your year? I’m going to have to try this, it seems so fun and a great way of memory-keeping as well.

New Year’s Resolutions that don’t suck and actually seem kind of fun and lovely.

Love the idea of Think Days.

I made a video of my family’s Christmas season this week and it makes me really happy to watch it.

Books I’ve been reading this week: Year of Yes and The Invisible Bridge.

The first week of 2017 is already almost over! Only 51 weeks to go. Since reading that Wait But Why piece (linked above), I feel way more conscious of the passage of time, which is both terrifying and empowering. How has the first week been for you? For me it’s been both busy and quiet, I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things at work and start up my healthy routines again! This weekend I am excited to have the first meeting of my book club (we read Homegoing) and try to do my first unplugging day of the year. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.


Inspiration: December 16

Inspiration December 16 > Life In Limbo

I love every single thing on this list of end-of-year traditions.

Amazing articles about books from the New York Times: temples for the literary pilgrim, writers on their favourite bookstores.

Such an important distinction: are you taking real steps, or false ones?

Crowd-sourced relationship advice. So great!

I printed some photos, address labels and a photo magnet from Shutterfly this week and only paid for shipping.

I’m looking forward to filling out this free workbook for setting goals for 2017. And this one!

Go with the flow and get more done.

I’m home for the weekend at my mom’s place in the forest, and I plan to read as many books as possible (3 to go to meet my reading goal for 2016!!), play with the puppy, stay warm by the fire, and do a bunch of holiday baking. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Stay out of the malls as much as you can and try to remember what the season is really about. I know I’ll be trying – I speak from experience, having been at the mall today! ;) xo.

PS. The photo above is of a mural behind the Princess of Wales theatre in Toronto. It was so lovely to see on such a grey slushy day earlier this week.