Inspiration: May 26

Inspiration May 26 >> Life In Limbo

I love this comic for so clearly and explicitly explaining something that is so difficult to articulate or put into words, but so important and relates to such a prevalent issue. Send it to someone the next time they tell you, “You should have asked for help!”

Austin Kleon created another list of awesome advice for recent graduates (or anyone in transition). His original list is linked in the post, if you’re curious.

For anyone struggling with relationships or dating, I find this blog to be super helpful in giving you a real, helpful smackdown about raising your standards and respecting your own boundaries.

I went to Creative Mornings again this month with my friends and had a great time. The Toronto event this month was held on the old floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange, which was such a neat experience! I love starting my day off with a hit of inspiration.

I haven’t watched this yet, but I’m so excited to see this interview between Marie Forleo and Mark Manson – I find both of them super inspiring.

It’s been a blur of a week! In fact, the last few all have. I’ve been keeping very busy both with work and friends and trying new things. I’m so in love with the life I’m creating here in Toronto and though there have been a few rough patches lately – challenges, I’ll call them – I have this lovely feeling of progress and unfolding. This weekend I want to take it nice and easy and enjoy some relaxation. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

Inspiration: May 19

Inspiration: May 19 >> Life In Limbo

I am vindicated! As my parents can attest, I talk to myself constantly. #sorrynotsorry

Look at this big beautiful book stack. So much summer reading inspiration here!

“What will seem normal to the children of America by the end of the next four years?”

This is such a heartbreaking story, but told so perfectly. It made me cry but it also made me think hard.

“I’m wasting my likeable on the wrong people.” Does anyone else do this constantly?!?!

I signed up for an Audible trial last month but enjoyed it so much I think I’m going to keep my membership. If you’re curious, I listened to The Law of Attraction. It was weird but good.

I finally got internet installed at my house after almost a month without! If you’re like me and your job is quite literally dependent on an internet connection, you’ll understand how annoying this was. So having it back is such a relief! I am definitely planning a movie night tonight to make the most of having my Netflix account back online ;). I hope you have a wonderful long weekend! xo.

Inspiration: May 5

Inspiration May 5 >> Life In Limbo

Excellent advice for people in transition.

I definitely laughed out loud at this video, but it’s also sending an important message.

Cried while watching this video (at the library, lol) because of the raw emotion and also because it’s especially poignant given the healthcare debacle currently taking place in America.

Ooh, I adore the concept of opting out of things. I’ve probably shared this article before, but it still makes me want to make my own list and stick by it.

In case anyone was, like me, still not on this train: look into Subscribe & Save. Just as I was thinking “hmm, my body lotion is running out, maybe I should go and buy some more..” I got a notification from Amazon saying they were sending me some. This is modern technology at its finest, people. I shall now go and automate toilet paper and dental floss.

Mailchimp brought back free automation! Such great news. I was grandfathered in so I still had it, but it’s so fun for anyone who’s just starting out to be able to automate welcome emails for free.

PSA: I haven’t had internet at home for a couple weeks so I’ve spent so much less time on Instagram. And I barely even miss it. This is great.

I missed last week’s post because I was just getting back from Nurture, having spent three days with a group of amazing and inspiring women. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun and I learned a lot – both about myself and about how to help run a retreat. An excellent challenge, to say the least. I can’t believe it was only a week ago!

This weekend is my grandma’s birthday party, so I’ll be spending it with family, which I always love. My fam is the best. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

Inspiration: April 21

Inspiration April 21 >> Life In Limbo

Like me, Ryan Holiday thinks that reading is meant to be “pleasurable and valuable.” It’s not meant to be a chore or a slog. Note to self: make more time for reading!

After having lived abroad, I resonate so much with this post about how “living the dream” doesn’t have to mean “quitting your job and traveling full time”.

I just used Typeform for the first time and loved the experience! Such a fun way to collect ideas and opinions.

Song I’ve had on repeat all week: Despacito feat. Justin Bieber. My love for Latin music dies hard.

I decided to participate in the 100 Day Project, even though I was starting 12 days late. I figured better late than not at all! I’m taking a photo outdoors every day with my DSLR, since I hadn’t picked it up in months. Follow along: #100outdoortraits!

It was a busy week but a great one! This week I went to Tuesdays Together (one of my favourite events of the month), had several coworking dates with friends, talked to loved ones on the phone and managed to get a bunch of work done. Next week I’ll be working at Nurture Retreats, and I can’t wait for those three days unplugged from technology and away from the city. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!