HWY Magazine Piece: How My Mother Fed Me

How My Mother Fed Me

I’m over at HWY Magazine today writing about my beloved mama and some of my (many) food memories.

HWY is a new publication created by two of my coolest, Vancouver-based friends. The quality of the pieces in the magazine totally blow me away, so when Adrienne asked me to contribute I was rightly intimidated.

I almost instantly had a memory about jelly doughnuts, one of my favourite moments from my childhood. I scribbled it down and then let the idea marinate for weeks, slowly gathering up other little fragments before finally throwing them all together long-hand in a big notebook one day during my breaks at work.

I’m proud of the piece, which has been shaped by my friend with her impeccable taste and editing prowess, and by my mother of course, who informs this piece but also just about everything else I do.

John Green says that creativity is about making gifts for people, and this is a gift for her. A tribute to all the millions of tiny, loving actions she gave us that we never thanked her enough for and that I’ll never be able to repay.

You can find the piece here. Thanks for reading.