• we did this months ago and still Instagram doesn’t recognize our location though it checks in fine at 4square/Swarm..is there another method?

    • stephaniepellett

      Hey Matt,

      Not that I know of! That’s very strange it’s not working for you. When I tried it, it worked right away. I would probably recommend trying again. I’m sorry that it didn’t work!

      • Trish

        Doesnt work on mine too. Did it 4 times already, still doesnt work. Help please

  • hdsmith4707

    Instagram no longer uses foursquare for this, instead they use Facebook locations so you have to have your business registered on FB for it to work! Please update this tutorial.

    • annabridget

      My business is registered to Facebook… and still not working…

      • Sana Aziz

        Same here

  • Kristy Jones

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  • Sana Aziz

    My bakery us to show up on the list as a location and suddenly it just stopped. All of the other locations in the shopping center still show up. I can’t explain it to my customers because I don’t know why it happend. They think I just removed myself from the list. Very confusing and annoying.

    • annabridget

      Same exact thing happened to me… very bizarre. Maybe it has something to do with the activity/number of checkins/geotags right after you initially created the geotag.

      Can anyone confirm this?

  • I’m having the same problem as others here.