Project 365: Week 7

I’ve been loving Project 365 this week. It’s becoming second-nature to take photos every day, which is AWESOME in and of itself. But I’ve also been lucky enough to have a lot of great subject matter this past week – my family home always has something exciting going on to photograph. I’ve been enjoying myself here at home immensely, it’s such a nice break. I’ll be heading back to Montreal tomorrow, refreshed and happy.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

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  • Gabrielle

    Cute kitty!

    • Stephanie

      Isn’t she? She’s very shy though, so I can’t shower her in love as much as I’d like!!!

  • Rin

    I love that silhouette picture! How gorgeous!

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Rin! We had so much fun on the roof… ha! xo