Q&A: How to Edit a Podcast in Garageband

How To Edit a Podcast in Garageband

After writing my post about starting a podcast, I wanted to create a walk-through of how to edit together a simple podcast, especially if you have more than one audio file to mix, want to add a jingle, or create an introduction.

For our podcast, we recently began using a system that is totally free but gets us better audio quality for our listeners. It’s outlined in detail on this blog, but the basics are:

  • We talk to each other using a program like Google Hangouts or Skype.
  • We all wear headphones while recording.
  • Each person records their audio on their own computer using a simple voice recorder such as Garageband or Quicktime, which is what I use. The resulting audio doesn’t pick up the other people’s voices, so each one is crystal clear and it is easy to synchronize them.
  • The editor blends the 2+ files together using an audio editor such as Garageband and exports to create a single mp3 file.

This process, while it seems complicated, is actually really straightforward to put into practice. But if you’re just starting out on your podcasting journey (yay you!) then I’d encourage you to just use whichever system is easiest and most straightforward for you, even if that means simply recording the other person talking through your computer’s speakers. We used an inefficient, roundabout method that was not ideal until only about a month ago! The important thing is to just start, and add in the more complex things later. If you’re ready to take your podcast to the next (albeit still fairly simple and straightforward) level, then check out this little tutorial.

The video walkthrough is about 11 minutes long, and contains a step-by-step of how I edit a podcast from start to finish. You will see how to synchronize two separate audio files and export a finished podcast. I try to include lots of helpful tips such as how to fade out different parts of your audio, add a jingle to your intro and outro segments, work with different file formats, and add a beep if you accidentally swear. You’ll also get a chance to see how the various controls on Garageband are used and an idea of the settings I work with to create the best files I can. The tutorial is specific to the built-in Mac application Garageband.

I hope you find it interesting and helpful, and as Seth Godin would say “most of all, I hope you do something with it.”

Thanks for watching!

If you have any questions for me, I’d love to hear them in the comments below or through Twitter or Instagram.

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Inspiration | October 17

Inspiration October 17 | Life in Limbo

This week I finished listening to the audio book “This is a Story of a Happy Marriage” by Ann Patchett and I absolutely loved the whole thing. But this story in particular about her grandmother was so touching and real that it made me cry while on an evening walk.

I like the idea of being the one who says “yes”. I also adore this idea about being a daymaker: “What if, maybe, we’re all wasting our time + spinning our wheels, agonizing over questions like: ‘What is the secret to happiness + success + wealth + greatness + impact + legacy + leadership + innovation + how can I fulfill my highest purpose, every day?’ When really, all we oughta be asking is: ‘How can I make someone’s day?”.

Joy the Baker’s new site is so pretty.

I was inspired this week by the idea of investing in your business in order to grow it. Strangely, this idea was inspired by two very different sources: this Medium piece on one woman’s experience as an escort (possibly NSFW) and from this podcast episode about wedding photography. Weird, I know.

This. “Then I realized my lofty ambitions were actually the problem. I needed smaller goals. Achievable ones. I didn’t need a grand vision, I needed a next step.”

As an expat researching the next place I might want to be an expat, this cost of living index is tremendously helpful.

Why it doesn’t matter how you feel about your friends. (Hint: because you have to show them how you feel).  This is such a powerful idea.

How to generate more good feelings by using positive language.

I’ve been loving the new fall capsule wardrobe over on Unfancy!


The end of another week is upon us! I don’t even know how to talk about the fact that it’s October 17th, so instead I’ll just say things have started looking up this week after a couple weeks of feeling a bit low. I feel crazy inspired to do and start a million things and new projects which is one of my favourite feelings. This weekend there’s a fun scavenger hunt all over Busan, and then on Sunday I’m hoping to do some work on some freelance projects and hit the spa. It should be a good one. Hope your weekend is wonderful too!

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HWY Magazine Piece: How My Mother Fed Me

How My Mother Fed Me

I’m over at HWY Magazine today writing about my beloved mama and some of my (many) food memories.

HWY is a new publication created by two of my coolest, Vancouver-based friends. The quality of the pieces in the magazine totally blow me away, so when Adrienne asked me to contribute I was rightly intimidated.

I almost instantly had a memory about jelly doughnuts, one of my favourite moments from my childhood. I scribbled it down and then let the idea marinate for weeks, slowly gathering up other little fragments before finally throwing them all together long-hand in a big notebook one day during my breaks at work.

I’m proud of the piece, which has been shaped by my friend with her impeccable taste and editing prowess, and by my mother of course, who informs this piece but also just about everything else I do.

John Green says that creativity is about making gifts for people, and this is a gift for her. A tribute to all the millions of tiny, loving actions she gave us that we never thanked her enough for and that I’ll never be able to repay.

You can find the piece here. Thanks for reading.

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Vocal ID: Donate Your Voice

Just after I first arrived in Korea, I was listening to NPR TED Radio Hour when I heard Rupal Patel being interviewed about her big new idea for synthetic voices. I was so inspired by the story, and I remember tearing up when I heard some of the voices that were created for people with speech disorders. The new technology blends together the speech sounds of a person who is unable to speak with sounds from a voice donor and creates a brand new, unique computerized voice for the individual. Until recently, many people with speech disorders communicated using the same voice – regardless of whether they were old or young, male or female. This idea, while simple, strikes me as so incredibly powerful. Yes, of course, it makes a difference. Imagine only being able to communicate in a voice that doesn’t sound anything like you – I know it would make a difference to me to be able to use a voice that I could recognize as my own.

Ever since I heard the story, I was inspired to help out. I checked on the website every few weeks or so, and signed up for the mailing list to hear news. The people behind this initiative have been working very hard to create a platform for regular people to donate speech sounds from their homes instead of needing to visit a recording studio. I can understand why a project of this scale has taken so long to actualize, and I was just excited for the day it would be ready.

I never did get an email with news, but yesterday when I went on the website, I was finally able to set up an account and start recording in their Beta mode. You can learn more about the voicebank here, and if you are interested you can sign up for an account yourself. They need about 3-4 hours of speech total to create a collection of several voice sounds that they’ll be able to blend with other sounds to make a brand new voice. In case you’d be concerned: the resulting voice wouldn’t be recognizable as your own.

I’ve done a couple sessions so far and while it’s a slow process, I’m enjoying it and happy to be contributing in this small way. I encourage you to check out the website and see what you think!

Happy Monday.

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