September Faves + Wishlist

Wishlist September

1. Teeki Stardust Pants  2. Not That Kind of Girl  3. Vinyasa Scarf  4. Cold Cup  5. Moisturizer SPF 25  6. Busan Fireworks Mug  7. Nike Free Fits  8. Mayari Sandals  9. Tote

In addition to my Lately posts, which tend to talk about the ideas and rituals I’ve been into throughout the month, I thought it might be fun to show you the things I’ve been loving each month, as well as some of the things on my wishlist.

That cold cup has been my absolute fave at work lately, when I have my small daily iced coffee. It also works great for sipping water consistently! The mug was a Starbucks local special edition to commemorate the upcoming 2014 Fireworks Festival, and I bought it as a gift to myself after I started drinking hot lemon water every night but only had tiny mugs I’d have to fill up almost 3 times to be happy. I started using moisturizer with sunscreen for the first time ever this month and I absolutely love it. When I put it on I always feel like I’m doing something awesome for my skin. I’ll be looking for a more eco-friendly one on iHerb after this one’s done. I’ve lived in those sandals ever since I bought them in Kyoto in August, they’re the only shoes I wear except for my running shoes. I’m actually dreading cooler weather because I won’t be able to wear them as much. And lastly, I got that tote on sale at H&M (mine is more of this colour) and it instantly improved my style approximately 100 fold. I absolutely love it.

I’ve been lucky to have many awesome things in my life this month! The other things (mostly workout wear, funnily enough!), are things I’m adding to my wishlist for possible future purchases.

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How to Do Morning Pages

How to Do Morning Pages

This week on Guinea Pigging Green, Laura and I are talking all about morning pages! If you’re not familiar with them, the idea is to do 3 pages of stream-of-consciousness writing first thing in the morning, by hand in a notebook. The purpose is to get rid of your internal judging voice, and get all the junk and insecurities and worries in your head down on paper before you start your day. I’ve done this before, for several months back in 2012 around the time when I did NaNoWriMo for the first time! Back then I was going through some things personally and I found the process incredibly helpful in working out some of the stuff in my head at the time.

About a month ago, Laura sent me an article she’d seen on the Daily Muse about morning pages and asked if I’d like to do them together for a month to see what would happen. I was definitely interested and happily recommitted to this practice I’d let slip out of my life nearly 2 full years ago. I’m happy to report that I love doing the pages more than ever.

So, how can you do morning pages yourself? It’s very, very simple. The official definition specifically says:

There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages—they are not high art. They are not even ‘writing.’ They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind—and they are for your eyes only. Do not over-think Morning Pages: just put three pages of anything on the page.

How to Do Morning Pages

Previously, I’d been using, an awesome site based on the idea of morning pages which tracks your progress and saves your words every day. It’s an awesome way to ease into it if you’re new to the idea and want to give it a try. That being said, I think my experience writing it by hand in my notebook this time around has been a thousand times more enjoyable and helpful. As Laura put it, it’s just so much more cozy to write your pages by hand each morning in a nice notebook with a nice pen. I also love that that means I’m doing my morning writing before opening my computer. It has been so refreshing to take that time for myself before checking in with all the distractions my computer brings.

I’m also delighted that doing my morning pages has been an anchor for my morning, giving me something to do before I get swept up in the day and distracted by other things. It’s led to a bit of a domino effect lately too where I have begun meditating right after finishing my pages using the Headspace app. Then after that, I’ll have breakfast and do my 7 minute workout. And voila! A productive morning where one good thing flows into another. I find that no matter what else I do all day, I’m always so grateful to have taken that time to check in with myself before I start the day.

You can find out more about my experience with morning pages by tuning into the podcast here, and you can learn much more about the pages themselves on Julia Cameron’s blog here.

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Lately | September

Lately September

Starting my mornings with 3 morning pages, 10 minutes of meditation, 2 big glasses of water and a 7 minute workout.

Ending my evenings with stretching, a little bit more meditation and a hint of reading.

Still bullet journalling and loving it for capturing my days, thoughts and to-dos.

Proud of the work I’m doing with the Red Tent Sisters and Guinea Pigging Green.

Obsessed with Spotify.

Drinking a ton of hot water with honey and lemon before bed.

Looking forward to the upcoming film festival, fireworks festival, the leaves changing, and little trips I have planned.

Pleased it’s a 4-day week.

Watching the occasional episode of Gilmore Girls, and getting into the new show produced by Shonda Rhimes.

Using this website whenever I feel like watching a movie (which is rare these days).

Adopting the mantra “Good Vibes Only”.

Bummed about missing a family wedding this past weekend but…

Glad it gave me a chance to talk to my whole family at once and get some funny Snapchat videos sent my way.

Making an effort to eat healthier food that fills me up and gives me lots of energy.

Excited that I can wear a scarf in the evenings but that it’s beautiful and sunny during the day. Basically, the weather has been perfect!

Planning to go back to acro yoga classes this month!

Daydreaming about my yoga teacher training (sometime next year TBD), my trip through South East Asia and my return to Canada. These are all good things so…

Trying not to stress out about timing.

Grateful for my family, my friends, my health and my freedom.

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Inspiration | September 26


Lena Dunham gives such excellent advice. She’s so confident, so eloquent, so wise and so very herself. I love that she’s not afraid to embody many different things and show that she has so many facets to her personality. I can’t wait to read her book.

I totally loved this unconventional tip for tiny apartment living. This is tip #109, so there are so many to look through in the archives. I’ve been systematically making my way through these thoughtful posts all week.

I really liked the Zen Habits guide to eating well.

14 books, websites and Youtubers to check out for healthy-living inspiration. I watched so many random healthy channels this week, like blogilates, Sarah Fit and Bree Loves Beauty. That’s just real talk.

Another awesome-looking capsule wardrobe for fall! I’m still so inspired by the idea and really want to make my own.

This was the answer to all my vpn problems. I now have Spotify which probably makes me the happiest girl on the planet. Thank you, Crazy Blue.

I am really coveting this Lululemon scarf. Yes please.

I listened to the teaser of Serial, the new show by the creators of This American Life, and I am the most excited. I wasn’t sure about the concept at first but now I am nothing if not all about it. The series starts October 3rd.

This black bean burger though.

I can’t help it, I loved the videos of Beyoncé and Hova they showed at the end of On The Run. They look like they have such a sweet life.


And I’m off! The weather is officially coooool here in the Bu, and I feel excited about that. This weekend we don’t have anything terribly exciting planned but those always end up being my favourite weekends anyways. I’m hoping to take walks to the beach, drink my first chai latte of the season (too soon? I can’t tell/don’t care), go surfing and daydream. Have an amazing weekend!

Ps. I send out my newsletter on the last Friday of every month! (That’s today.) If you’re not much of a regular blog reader but want to stay in touch, sign up here to get the blog’s highlights once a month.

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Reading Challenge 2014

Books 2014

I feel like a broken record, but can someone please tell me how it’s September 24th? How is that possible? Does time move at warp speed as soon as you’re finished university? Don’t tell me the answer to that, I actually don’t want to know. Somehow it’s been more than 9 months since I set my goals + feelings for the year, including my reading goal for 2014. It doesn’t seem possible how quickly this year has gone by, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down either.

I’m happy to report that I’ve stuck to my reading challenge as much as was humanly possible for me this year. Having a full time job for the majority of the year put a tiny cramp in my reading style, though I do still read quite a bit. In 2013 I read 75 books, but I was travelling or working a not very demanding job for most of the year so I knew that 2014 would pose some more challenges to my reading life. But I was hopeful I could overcome them! (Sadly yes, I am that serious about my reading. You have to be if you love to read as much as I do, and if you want to read an absurd number of books every year!)

On my last post about reading, a friend left a comment asking when I read. The answer is: when I’m eating, when I have nothing to do at work, when I have a break, when I need to commute somewhere, before bed, while stretching, while brushing my teeth, and if it’s a really good book…. then when I’d normally be surfing the internet or writing. I don’t watch much TV – maybe about 3 hours per week – and messing around on the computer and reading are my two favourite pastimes so I spend a lot of time doing one of the two.

I stay accountable to my goals by religiously logging my books on Goodreads, putting books on hold through OverDrive so I always have a new exciting book to read, and of course sharing my favourites here every few months on the blog.

So where do I stand?

Books 2014 2

I’ve got 27 books to go before January 1, 2015. That number seems a tad high, especially since according to GoodReads I’m 6 books behind schedule to complete this goal. But the good news is, the challenge has already been a success for me! It always is, no matter what the outcome. I discovered some authors I love (Rainbow Rowell, John Green, Elin Hilderbrand) and read some really wonderful books. I’ll read at least 50 books this year, which feels like a major accomplishment my first year as a full time employee. It proves that I can do it, despite what all the naysayers always say (abundance 4ever!). I’m not giving up on the goal of 75, but everything from here on out feels like icing on the cake. Wish me luck!

You can read about how I read so many books for free here, and see my favourite book recommendations of 2014 so far here. You can also add me on GoodReads here, I love to see what other people are reading!

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