Inspiration: May 27

Inspiration May 27 >> Life In Limbo

I loved this house tour, and got so many home design ideas I’d like to try out. (Mostly just gold spray paint, but still!)

Interesting, helpful ideas on managing time from Elise.

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about how life is all about perspective.

I was very late to this party, but just in case you are too, here’s where you can watch Queen Bey’s Lemonade. Warning: you may end up listening to the album 7+ times per day.

Lovely post about a beauty + wellness routine, featuring lots of body-safe, eco-friendly products.

I’m home! This week went by crazy-quickly, but I am back on Canadian soil, hanging out with the cat, listening to the birds chirp, and unwinding. This weekend we’re throwing a party for my Grandma! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

11 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (All Year Long!)

11 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions (All Year Long!) >> Life In Limbo

We’re almost halfway through the year, so it’s a great time to check in with your goals or resolutions for the year. How have you been doing? Have you been doing them?

Even if you’ve forgotten about your goals entirely, the year is not over yet. Not even close! It’s not too late to re-evaluate, re-configure & re-commit to your goals. Here are my top tips for sticking to your goals right up until December 31st (and beyond!).

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good

On my list of 26 things I’d like to do before my next birthday, I included the item “collect quotes”. Not only was this very vague (more on this in a bit), it also conjured up fantasies for me of how best to go about completing this goal. Maybe I could make a beautiful collage on my wall! Maybe I could sit down and hand-letter all of the quotes and later bind them into a book! Maybe I could write each of them on a slip of paper and put them into a lovely jar!

But then I realized that it was a month after I created the list and I hadn’t written down a single quote. All of the above would be amazing options, but waiting until I could implement one of those plans would slow me down or even completely prevent me from following through on this goal. So, I opened up a Google Doc, titled it “Jar of Quotes”, stuck it in my Bookmarks Bar and went on with my day. Maybe later I’ll make it into a beautiful book, but for now I’m just happy I’m doing it at all.

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