Inspiration: April 29

Inspiration April 29 >> Life In Limbo

I signed up for The Skimm this week and it’s been so wonderful. It’s sharp and witty, and it makes the news easy to digest without being fear mongering or overly dramatic (the reasons I rarely read or watch traditional news).

A poignant, heartbreaking look at why we need to stop acting like a keyboard makes us untouchable. There are real humans on the other end (duhhhh).

I’m not a mother, but I found this vulnerable piece on mothering very powerful and very real.

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The 26 List

The 26 List >> Life In Limbo

Every year around my birthday, I like to make myself a fun list – things I’d like to do or try before my next birthday. These are usually experiences I think I would be nice, or skills I’d like to learn, but not necessarily goals that need to be measured. I’ve never finished everything on my lists, but just having the list keeps me inspired and focused and gives me things to think about when I’m not sure what to tackle next. When I was 24, I checked off about 17/25 things, which is a ratio I’m pretty happy with.

This year, I took many of these list items off of a larger list I have, my list of 100 dreams that I came up with in February. The list of 100 dreams is an exercise I borrowed from Laura Vanderkam and I think it’s such a fun thing to do.

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Inspiration: April 22

Inspiration April 22 >> Life In Limbo

It truly makes me emotional to see that this single campaign has raised over $100,000 for earthquake relief in 5 days. If you have it in your budget and in your heart, please consider donating to the beautiful country of Ecuador, which is struggling very much this week.

I loved this article on ways to keep creativity alive and part of your daily life.

This week I did a lot of pondering about how to slowly start to #buylessbutbetter, and I really appreciated this post listing 30 ethical brands.

Hard to emphasize how much we all need a guide to not being frustrated all the time.

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24 Favourite Things

24 Things >> Life In Limbo

Each year around my birthday, I like to reflect on the past year of my life and remember what made it special. My 24th was a beautiful year, full of lots of beautiful memories. It’s so much fun to record the things I loved, so here they are in no particular order, my favourite things when I was 24.

Coffee | I didn’t drink coffee until I became an English teacher in Korea. I left Korea right before my birthday last year, but this year has really converted me into having a real fondness for coffee. I don’t need it – some mornings, I forget – but I really enjoy the ritual. I bought myself this cold brew coffee maker for Christmas which makes my coffee habit cheap & easy.

Yoga in the park | We started a free yoga class in the park here in Quito in October, but it quickly turned into one of my favourite things….ever. We have met some wonderful people, gotten some career opportunities, and most importantly created something to anchor us to the community here. It’s always a high point of my week.

Spanish | I was trying to learn Spanish while in Korea using Duolingo and Memrise but not having a ton of success. Luckily, just a couple months after my birthday I met my now-boyfriend, a born and bred Ecuadorian to practice with. After moving to Quito, my Spanish grew by leaps and bounds and I’m happy to say that I’m told I even have a Quiteña accent. I enrolled in a Spanish course at the local university just before my 25th birthday and it’s drastically helping me to refine my verbs and grammar.

1 Second Everyday | I only started using this app in January, but it still makes the list of my favourite things. It’s such a simple, lovely way to document your life and watching the video gives me so much joy.

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