Inspiration: December 8

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Inspiration December 8 >> Life In Limbo

I have been seriously loving the Hurry Slowly podcast since I discovered it. I listened to Jason Fried’s episode on setting boundaries at work and Craig Mod’s episode on safeguarding your attention this week and loved both.

This article is so, so, so importantThe myth of the male bumbler. “[We need to] shed our weird cultural blindness to manipulative male behavior. We must be smarter than our cultural defaults. We need to shed the exculpatory scripts that have mysteriously enabled all these incompetent bumblers to become rich, successful, and admired even as they maintain that they’re moral infants.”

Is it weird that I find this article about the end of the social media era extremely hopeful and comforting? Even though I do a lot of work in the social media world, I dislike it and more and more want to escape it.

On every episode of his podcast, Tim Ferris asks his guests what their best purchase under $100 has been within the past year – and then he compiled them all into a list! So helpful and my wishlist basically just doubled.

The tension between creativity and productivity. “She’s a naturally productive person who finds herself with some free time, yet she’s finding it difficult to not stay busy, even though she knows she needs the mind-wandering time to replenish her creative reserves.”

I was so into this post about daily logs (and that huge beautiful stack of notebooks!) that I immediately purchased one to start 2018 off on the right foot.

Like everyone else, I am so inspired by the choice of The Silence Breakers for TIME’s Person of the Year.

Another Friday after another whirlwind week! I had two interesting events for work this week – great opportunities to learn more about stress, energy and tension. And we’re moving into holiday season! Lots of fun plans on the horizon from now until the end of 2017. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

Inspiration: December 1

Every week on Friday, I share a list of the most interesting and inspiring content I’ve read lately here on my blog. You can expect thoughts on productivity, happiness, balance, spirituality, politics, and more. Subscribe here to get updates. See archives here.

Inspiration November 30 >> Life In Limbo

I was so inspired by how Gayle King perfectly embodied our human ability to hold two opposing ideas in our heads at once in the way she expressed her shock, disappointment, grief, and confusion regarding Charlie Rose. There’s a reason she’s best friends with Oprah – her grace and poise and articulation is astounding.

A simple way to develop more gratitude for your successes and joys in life. I love anything that helps move me out of scarcity and into appreciation.

What a beautiful concept, to write about a single day each year and compile them into a book. I might take a leaf from the author’s book and start this habit myself. I admire the simplicity and dedication.

My thanksgiving is perpetual. I hope yours is too! No other act brings me as much peace and prosperity as the act of practicing gratitude daily.

Would you like a big long list of books you might want to read? I sure did! Check out the NYTimes picks for notable books of 2017 here.

I’ve been using Grammarly as a Chrome extension for a couple of weeks now and have mostly found it helpful (though it is a bit annoying that it prefers American spelling of words like “favourite”). Definitely helps me with fixing grammatical errors on the fly.

I’m currently reading The End of Absence and loving it a lot. There’s something about Michael Harris’s writing that soothes me and reminds me what’s important.

This week has been hectic, to say the least! I knew it would be going into it, and it’s proven me correct. I’ve been helping out with finishing up a space for an interior design company, and it’s been a few days of non-stop go-go-go to get things done. I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend! I need a break and am excited to have one. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Today is the last day of National Blog Post Writing Month, and it also happens to be the longest work day I’ve had in a very long time, at 11 hours and counting. I’m tired, and I still want to work on my newsletter and Inspiration links before I get to bed, so it seems like as good a time as any to celebrate the small wins.

Celebrate the Small Wins >> Life In Limbo

I wrote a blog post for every day in November after I committed to the challenge (from the 3rd onwards)!

Despite the long work day, I still got to Inbox Zero.

I got to talk to one of my favourite people on my commute home.

I don’t normally have to commute home.

I work with (mostly) extremely understanding and supportive people.

Tomorrow is Friday.

My cat didn’t puke anywhere in my apartment while I was out.

I drove a car around Toronto today and didn’t hit anything and managed to park on busy streets and not freak out too badly.

There was a bottle of wine waiting for me when I got home. (Monkey covering eyes emoji.)

My stepmom sent me a cute picture of their dog today.

I fixed one small piece of what’s wrong with the website for one of my clients.

It’s the beginning of a fresh new month tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging out for NaBloPoMo this year! This will be the end of my daily blogging, at least for the next little while, but I hope to write more frequently in general in the future. I appreciate all your comments and support! You are all huge wins for me.

What I’ve Learned From NaBloPoMo

My month of daily blogging is coming to an end! Only one day to go. It’s been a wonderful month for so many reasons, but having an ‘excuse’ to reflect daily has been such a blessing. As we move into the busy holiday season, I don’t feel ready to commit to continuing this pace of writing, but I’m so happy to have done it for the month. It’s been a great experience, not as hard as I expected, and I’m so excited to write more, going forward. This challenge also taught me a lot about myself and where I’m at, and I’m coming away with a lot more insight into myself and my life. Here’s what I’ve learned over the past month of daily writing!

NaBloPoMo >> Life In Limbo

Write to Think

This was the title of my first blog post in the series, and it carried me through the month. Whenever I’d feel blocked, I’d remember this mantra and it always delivered. The truth is that sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to say until I start saying it! The other big piece of this is that girl, I need to write. Having a place to flesh out my ideas and ponder big themes and wonder about my life was so helpful that it made me wonder why I don’t do it more often.

Note to self: Use the page as an extension of your brain.

Keep It Quiet

This is not a new idea to me (it’s been on my mind for much of this year), but my reflections this month reminded me just how important it is to stay in control of my technologies instead of letting them be in control of me. Dimming the noise, going off the grid, turning off notifications: these are some of the best tools I have to be more present, mindful and reflective.

Note to self: Put your phone in a different room. Turn on Do Not Disturb. Do not be disturbed.

Trust Yourself

Something that came through loud and clear for me this month was just how important it is that I trust my still, strong, inner voice over the loud, chaotic external voices of others and of society. I want to measure what matters to me, I want to do what’s right for me, I want to trust and value my own intuition. It is bafflingly easy to become attached to dreams that aren’t yours and goals that don’t match your life. It’s so easy to constantly monitor how you stack up against others in areas that aren’t even personally important to you. I have to remember to return, again and again and again, to what is authentically meaningful to me.

Note to self: Go for a long walk by yourself. By the end, you’ll have remembered what’s important to you. If you haven’t yet, keep walking.

The Simple Things are Everything

And on that note, this month of writing was a reaffirmation of an idea I already knew to be true: that to me, the small, everyday things are what matter to me, and what I want to put the bulk of my time and energy towards. Things like presence, conversation, kindness, love, community, joy, humility, groundedness. If I’m pointing my compass towards those life forces, I’m good. Everything’s good.

Note to self: Cook a meal, phone a loved one, read a book.

I’ll definitely be participating in NaBloPoMo next November! Would you ever try it?