Inspiration | February 27

Inspiration February 27 >> Life In Limbo

This post on Northern India got me super excited for my trip.

In related notes, I’m going through all of Indie Traveller’s backpacking guides too!

I re-watched this animated Ira Glass quote this week and, as always, needed to hear it.

“Forget opinions, and memorize empathy. Good grown-ups don’t care about being right; they prefer being informed.” Some solid words of wisdom in this piece.

I read Station Eleven this week and it was really amazing and totally terrifying and very poignant too.

Lululemon is making mala beads now! And of course they are gorgeous.

I liked this packing list a lot, but it made me want to buy a lot of great technical clothing.

I can’t find the post this picture is attached to, but it makes me want to pack my bags this instant and leave town.

I think I’ve linked to this before, but I re-visited it this week on one of my more self-inquisitive days (aren’t they all?): 7 strange questions that help you find your life purpose.

Thanks to a recommendation from the ladies at Invisibilia, I downloaded two episodes of the Storycorps podcast this week, cried at both, and am officially hooked. Only 413 episodes and countless tears to go!


Things are moving, slowly but surely and very logistically for my upcoming trip. I checked off two major wins this week – my Hep A vaccine and Korean police check (passed with flying colours!) – and have plans to sort out my India visa within the next week. Lots of paperwork and mild anxiety that I might not be doing this whole thing right!! Ahh! But it’s all good and it’ll all work out. Hope you all had a tremendously lovely week. Let’s all relax a lot this weekend! Xo.

Photo taken on a trail near my apartment on Wednesday.

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Lately | February

This is a snapshot of what my life was like in February 2015. You can see all my Lately posts here.

Lately February >> Life In Limbo

Burning a purple candle a sweet friend brought me back from Israel a long time ago.

Reading Station Eleven and Sense & Sensibility, and planning to read the rest of Jane Austen’s oeuvre.

Listening to Invisibilia, Bleachers, The National, Guapo of the Saints.

Drinking coffee with soy milk a lot more regularly and a delicious honey lemon tea a friend gave me as a gift for Seollal in the evenings.

Throwing things away pretty mercilessly after reading this book about tidying up.

Eating a lot of meals out at restaurants: BAT sandwiches, dak galbi, Mexican and Indian. We had time off work so all we did was eat and spend time with friends.

Donating this month to Care’s lockbox program to help communities start their own village lending and saving program.

Buying lots of things for travelling, including Saltwater sandals, this headlamp and this travel towel (if those last two ever ship out, that is).

Watching (still!) Gilmore Girls, and the occasional Oscar movie, same as last month.

Editing a lot of videos and podcast episodes.

Enjoying the mildest winter I’ve ever had and trying to be outside in the sunshine as much as possible.

Loving looking back at my gratitude journal entries for February as I write this post.

Saying goodbyes to friends here as they move on to other chapters.

Dancing a lot.

Counting 34 days until I leave Korea. What?

Appreciating my apartment, my life here, my loved ones, my next chapter.

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Sit With It

Sit With It >> Life In Limbo

One of my very favourite yoga concepts is the idea of sitting with things. When you’re holding a yoga pose that is challenging or annoying or otherwise uncomfortable, yoga asks you to just stay with it, to be there with those irritating feelings. It doesn’t tell you to try to fix or change the situation in any way, and it doesn’t offer you any tips for avoiding that discomfort. It just says: Can you be here with this right now? Can you feel this irritation and not react to it?

Obviously, this idea is helpful beyond the yoga mat.

Sit With It >> Life In Limbo

This is a pretty counter-intuitive idea for me, the idea of tolerating things I don’t like or that don’t feel good. I think that for a lot of us, it’s very, very difficult to avoid the temptation to do something about the things that bother us or stress us out. And yes, often we’re right to take action – if our problems can be solved by sending that one email or changing our shoes, then of course we absolutely should. Except that I think by always doing something every time we face an annoyance or issue, we’re out of practice for those times when there is nothing that can immediately be done.

Right now, I’m 5 weeks out from leaving Korea. I have a to-do list full of logistics to sort out, things to buy, and details to arrange. I’m making progress, slowly but surely chipping away at my list, but a bunch of my tasks have to wait until I know more or when it’s closer to my departure. I hate that. I want to check off everything, right now, clear my plate and get my ducks in a row. I constantly feel like I should be doing more and preparing more and getting things lined up before I start traveling.

Sit With It >> Life In Limbo

Today, I realized that what I really need to do is sit with this. I don’t need to try to eliminate the (inevitable) feelings of stress by running around putting out fires and trying to get things done before their time. I don’t need to hassle people for answers or worry myself about whether or not I need certain documents. I just need to sit here, acknowledge that it’s sometimes overwhelming, and give myself permission to not do anything about it for now. Recognize that I’ve always gotten everything done before and will again, in time. Let things proceed at the pace they’re meant to. I just need to breathe, sit with it, feel the feelings, and try to let them go.

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Inspiration | February 20

Inspiration February 20 >> Life In Limbo

Some great tips on how to be more balanced and productive.

I got into an INFJ research rut last weekend and had to laugh at this article about the 5 best career paths for INFJs – aka every career I’ve ever considered.

The Omprakash EdGe program looks really amazing – it’s an online training course + immersive internships for people interested in international aid or volunteering.

Another installment of “What Boys Think of Girl Names”, and this time my name was in it! Really funny, I love Buzzfeed.

The pictures in this blog post about Luang Prabang made me SO EXCITED to visit there.

A cool article about a week in the (food) life of Joy the Baker.

When work is like work. (I’ll never stop loving blackout poetry)

I found this gorgeous pastel Instagram feed and had hearts in my eyes.

And from me: I made delicious kimchi pancake for Guinea Pigging Green!


We’re off work this week for Lunar New Year here in Korea, so I took a mini blog break on Wednesday. This week I’ve been relaxing and saying goodbyes to friends who are on to other adventures. I have less than 40 days left of living here, which is scary and exciting all at once. Lots to do, but lots to look forward to. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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