Inspiration: August 12

Inspiration August 11 >> Life In Limbo

I basically love everything that Jennifer Gilbert has ever written, and this post about her marriage is no exception. I am still holding out a secret hope that she will re-start her blog!

Some gymnastics inspiration for you! You go, girl.

I watched Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru on Netflix and it definitely made me cry. I also think his recent interview with Marie Forleo is worth a watch – I personally got a lot out of it.

Very exciting discovery of the week: my library card now allows me to read brand-new magazines (plus back issues) for free on an app called Zinio! Definitely worth checking out whether your local library offers something similar.

I think these letterpress prints are so cool and I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

It was a quiet week around here for the most part. I’m still battling a cold that won’t quite quit, so I had a lot of slow days working, reading, and taking evening walks down in the ravine or to the library. Truthfully, those are my favourite kind of days. This weekend, it’s my sister’s birthday and…my mom’s getting a golden retriever puppy! Yippee!! I will definitely be posting photos galore to my Instagram story, so stay tuned for that. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

A Triangle Quilt

Triangle Quilt >> Life In Limbo

Yesterday night, I pulled my last few border stitches tight, tied it off, cleaned up loose threads, and finished a beautiful quilt. It is, hands-down, no question, my favourite thing I’ve ever made.

I think “make a quilt” has been on my bucket list since I first saw this post – holy moly, I just checked the date on it – in 2012. Back then, I had a sewing machine and I was in a real DIY phase, but I was also in school, and didn’t want to spend lots of money on quilting tools and fabric (well I did want to, but I felt that I shouldn’t..). Fast forward to a couple months ago, when I came home for the summer. I’m staying at my Dad’s house, and lo and behold, my stepmom has boxes and boxes of fabric pieces she’s not using and every quilting tool a person could dream of.

Triangle Quilt >> Life In Limbo

I set out on my quilting journey with very little guidance and a one-step-at-a-time attitude. Those steps added up to something, and I could always see my progress right there in front of me. I always focused on getting to the next little step without worrying about the steps after that (things I had no idea – yet – how to do). I could take each one as it came, and cross bridges when I came to them. Making a quilt might seem hard, but cutting fabric isn’t hard. Sewing together two pieces isn’t hard. None of the steps on their own is really that hard.

Triangle Quilt >> Life In Limbo

Along the way I realized something: it had been a long time since I’d worked with my hands to make something real, tactile, and non-virtual. When did I stop making stuff?? Why did I stop making stuff?

It’s crazy how much joy I got from even just looking at my quilt at each stage of its development. And I was amazed at how much mindfulness, peace and flow I got from an activity that took up my attention and focus for minutes or hours at a time, like this process did for me.

Triangle Quilt >> Life In Limbo

Not only that, but I’m very proud of myself. I’m excited to give this as a precious gift. I’m so, so happy that I created something special with my own two hands. There is literally no downside to this equation! It’s just something that brings me Good Vibes Only.

Don’t listen to the many people who will tell you quilting is impossible and that it takes years. Those things are true for some (beautiful, hand-sewn, impossibly stunning!!) quilts, but not for a quilt like this one. My workmanship is probably laughable to more serious and more talented quilters, but I’m just proud that I made something warm and cozy and lovable, and that I didn’t even need a quilting foot for the sewing machine. It’s more than doable, and it only took me about a month.

Triangle Quilt >> Life In Limbo

I used this tutorial loosely – I changed the size of my quilt, but followed all the other steps. My finished quilt measures 28 by 33 inches, which is small for a crib-size quilt, but it’s perfect for a baby.

Triangle Quilt >> Life In Limbo

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I have already started cutting fabric for the next quilt.

Inspiration: August 5

Inspiration August 5 >> Life In Limbo

I think this is such an interesting and freeing perspective to take when it comes to clothes. It inspired me to want to do the same.

I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard of Glennon prior to a post by Elizabeth Gilbert earlier this week, but I was blown away by her clear, honest writing on such a sensitive topic. I can’t wait to explore her site more and check out her books.

Speaking of Elizabeth Gilbert and clear, honest writing…this rings so, so true for me right now.

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Inspiration: July 15

Inspiration July 14 >> Life In Limbo

“Stopping does not equal recovering.” Recovery is so important! Turn off. Do nothing.

An important message for us all.

Related: this article about talking about racism is 120% spot on.

I want every single thing on this list of travel essentials. Plus another set of my all-time favourite travel accessories.

Revisiting this article about “work-life balance” is always a good idea.

This list of productive things to do with 15 minutes really did motivate me to do something productive (unsubscribe from emails!), so if you want some motivation: here ya go.

Okay Tracy’s house is amazing, the end. This whole post just made me want to go into Nest Mode. More art is needed!

If you want to listen to a playlist of my favourite Latin songs right now, you can do so here. You probably don’t want to, but I’ve been listening to this playlist all week long…so.

I blinked and it was Thursday night. On Monday, I fly to New York City to see my boyfriend (!!!) and hang out with one of my best friends (!!!), and eat New York food (!!!!). I’m so excited, so I’m trying to get ahead on work stuff so that I can relax as much as possible next week. Since I was too tired to keep working, I decided to procrastinate and write this post – yay! Win-win. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.